I refer to my current art practice as ‘The Card Game’. A nod to Fernand Léger’s drawing (1917) of the same name. I make this reference back to the origins of modernist abstraction because It  seems apt to me, in that our times, seem no less fraught with existential change than his.

  Also because Léger’s freedom of interpreting of what was a card game, was so different from the subject itself that the title seemed to imply that the process was itself the card game. 

These paintings consist of layers of activated fields of forms, that define themselves as a battle of rhythms, and disparate elements, that seem chaotic but reveal the inherent dynamic logic of a living form. The framework of the space is developed with curvilinear but often fragmented structures. The process in developing the composition involves a series of moves that create a balanced disorder. The next moves are to find a resolve to this disorder often creating portals though which the viewer can enter the abstract space.

  I work with the traditional languages of painting, (color, line, varied application techniques... ) yet the dialogue that I have with my work in the studio is all about creating new logical systems for defining form in abstraction.

This isn’t just a formal examination; it’s my desire to represent the forces that propel us, and to reflect on our place in the cosmos.