In the simplest way possible, I would say my art practice is an effort to portray the complexity in the nature of things. The tangle of portals and looping forms portrayed in the paintings are meant to reflect a complex and confusing present. How to make sense of this complexity is my project.

  I’m interested in a pictorial space that alternates between dimensionality and flatness, crisscrossed by the drawing that occurs in its development.

  I usually begin a painting by drawing directly on the canvas in charcoal to create a structure. I work to create a web of articulated forms that interact to create a hybrid of abstract elements. Decisions like what to keep and what to discard are constant. This process of addition and then negation is for me a narrative that will carry me along until I arrive at a place that feels right and shows me something that I didn’t know before I started the process.

  Whether the work is fully abstract or contains some imagery, it must in some way have a resolve that feels natural but should also show the struggle to make its place in the world.